For both youth and adults alike, inclusion wherever possible is fundamental to a good education program. It is our mission to continuously improve our facilities so that guests can take part in our activities and feel welcome at our centre.





Our team at the River Wye Activity Centre endeavors to cater for all guests, however because we only recently purchased the property, and due to the age of our accommodation we currently have some restrictions.




Currently (December 2019) we have all sleeping quarters on the first floor, accessed only by stairs.

Future Plan and Timescales:


Toilets and showers


We have one disabled toilet on the ground floor of our bunkhouse.

On the ground floor of the main house, we currently have both male and female shower and toilet facilities, but currently no disabled toilet.

On the first floor we have toilets and washrooms next door to the bedrooms.

Future Plan and Timescales:





We truly believe that inclusion wherever possible is a keystone to a healthy society and we will strive to do whatever we can to make sure that no participant is left out of an activity unless really necessary. Our highly qualified instructors welcome and encourage inclusion of participants of all genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds and ability groups. We always ask for a full list of medical requirements from any group that we provide activities for, as well as any other information that might be helpful so that our instructors can be as best prepared as possible. We will also advise on any necessary adaptions to the program for certain participants prior to any sessions taking place.


Any medical information is only be shared with those that need to know in order to run the sessions safely and effectively.





We are insured by AALS, to cover a range of specific outdoor activities. This license, it’s full remit and limitations can be viewed here.







We will ask a group for all dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances and dislikes) ahead of your stay with us, and we will happily ensure that every individual is well fueled with delicious food, no matter what. We are also able to provide a microwave to heat food should this be necessary for your group (e.g. baby food).


We have a current 5-star food hygiene rating which can be viewed here.






We take the safety of people, especially children, very seriously. We have a code of conduct that all of our staff abide by. You can see a copy of our code of practice here and our code of conduct here.

All of our staff are DBS checked (or equivalent in Scotland).





View our privacy policy here.



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