In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, we have decided to open our centre as a student facility primarily for the children of frontline workers.


The program will be 2 weeks long, and it is designed for children from the age of 8 and up in the local area so that their parents can continue working to protect our frontline services that the country relies on. 


The program will be inclusive of all food, accommodation and will include outdoor activities, education time, social time and down time. The program will suit all ages from 8 to 18 years old.



We have an ideal facility for hosting a childcare program of this nature:


– We can sleep up to 80 people across two separate buildings (main house and bunkhouse).


– We have multiple separate toilet and bathroom facilities


– We have 7 acres of private grounds that can be used for activities, games and just getting fresh air in a safe, self-contained environment.


– We have classrooms, dining rooms and games rooms, all of which can be converted or adapted for the needs of different student groups.



Our programs will include a mixture of outdoor activities and education, social time, study time and down time.



For those students that have been given work by their teachers to complete at school, we will have dedicated classrooms for quiet study. Onsite we will have at least one qualified teacher who will be dedicated to monitoring these students and be able to assist them should they need it.


We will also provide some of our own educational classes focussing on current affairs and health and well-being. These classes will have the aim of educating each student about Covid-19 specifically, how viruses are spread globally, the decisions governments need to make in order to control the spread, how 



Kayaking at Glasbury

We believe strongly that during this time of social distancing, it is so important both physically and mentally for these students to be able to partake in outdoor physical activity, away from screens and in the fresh air. 


We are able to provide the following activities on site whilst maintaining safe social distancing between each person. 

  • Archery
  • Bushcraft
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Team Building
  • Mountain Biking



We have a 7-acre site with ample space to socialise and have fun in. We will organise evening activities that students can choose to participate in or not. Alternatively they will get the chance to socialise amongst themselves.


  • Movie nights
  • Pool
  • Rounders/Football/tug of war
  • Camp fire nights



There will be plenty of opportunity for students to have peaceful downtime too. There will be a communal space designed for relaxation, reading, watching TV etc. available for everyone to enjoy.



We will aim to start providing this service as soon as possible, however our own staff must have minimum 2 weeks of Covid-19 testing and isolation first.  We cannot rush this process. We aim to start as soon as we get the go ahead from the local authorities.



If you are interested in enrolling your child, please use the form on this page. We will then contact you to get your child or children booked in.


£90 per child per day


  • Accommodation
  • Activities and Education
  • All meals
  • 24hr care
  • Access to all facilities on site


    If the answer to this is no, we have a quarantine environment available in the Forest of Dean for this purpose.


    I am not a frontline worker, but still require childcare for my child, will I still be considered?

    At this moment it depends on what the local authority say we are allowed to do. We would really like to offer the opportunity to any family in need of this service, but we cannot guarantee we would be permitted to.

    What age of children will you accept?

    8 years and up.

    How will I know my child will be safe from contracting Covid-19 whilst on the program?

    All staff and participating pupils will be tested before they arrive, and once onsite, there will be no one permitted to leave site (unless it is to go home permanently).

    All staff (including cleaners and cooking staff) will be tested and have been in isolation for 2 weeks prior to starting. All staff will stay on site. 

    Anyone arriving on site (food delivery, managing staff) will follow strict rules regarding the distance permitted between other staff and students, hand washing and the wearing of suitable PPE.

    But I thought all holiday parks/commercial venues had to be closed?

    Yes, they do. However the country is facing a crisis in terms for childcare because frontline workers are being stretched to the limit, and there is a real need for 24hr childcare that is safe. 
    It goes without saying that we will comply with all government regulations regarding which businesses can and cannot be operating. 

    Other alternative uses for the site?

    We have also been in touch with the local authorities to offer the site for the homeless, the provision of accommodation for NHS workers or even as an overflow health centre for if hospitals cannot cope.